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Facilitator Lesson Study West Java Province

Lesson Study activities in 2012 in the city of Sukabumi as one of the efforts to improve the teaching profession conducted by the Education Department of West Java province in order to improve the quality of education in West Java , followed by 40 junior high school science teacher participants MGMP IPA Sukabumi . The goal is to optimize the learning process  in the classroom , so that student-centered , forming communities of learning ( learning community ) , the culture of the school , such as school clean , noble character of students , increasing student learning outcomes and foster the creativity of teachers and students .
Lesson study implementation includes the planning , at this stage teachers collaborate collegiality LS participants drafted a lesson plan  , student worksheet  , props , how to group students , evaluation tools and observation , then stages of implementing the learning based lesson plans that have been prepared in the form of the Open Class , by one of the teachers as a model teacher , another teacher as an observer , in this step we can observe the students' activities , interaction between students and students , students and teachers , students and the media to learn and the material being taught , this is done to find out what they think and how they feel about the implementation of learning ( do) , and the final stage is to reflexi learning has been implemented ( See) to take the valuable experience of teacher and situation model of the learning process that occurs as a material to modify to implement the learning in each class
Based on questionnaires , the students who participated in the Open Class states that ( 1 ) learning is presented attractive 97 % , (2 ) understand learning mudah97 % , and ( 3 ) was not disturbed by the presence of observers ( father / mother teacher participants LS ) Open during Class87 % . Ni is due at the time of the Open Class , teachers and colleagues have designed a model of the good preparation of the RPP , Student Activity Sheets ( LKS ) , props used , grouping students , and students are given greater opportunities to explore , elaborate and collaborate learning experience so what is expected that student-centered learning , community learning , learning outcomes and student creativity can be realized .
For participants LS teachers , have valuable experience in preparation of learning in terms of preparing lesson plans , worksheets , and making props , as well as in observing the teacher model presents learning , thus motivating creativity to implement in their respective class .
Keywords : Lesson Study , students' learning experience , teachers valuable experience

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